Matthew Crews, Owner

Matt grew up in the rural backwoods of Clay County, Florida, where he spent his days playing in the woods and enjoying nature.  With a passion for animals, especially reptiles, he studied everything he could find.  In his teens, he met Henry Kelly and Rick Lewis who helped fuel his passion for venomous reptiles and crocodiles.  After college, Matt went full-time into breeding venomous reptiles, developing contacts all over the world.  He has kept and bred hundreds of different species and traveled the world to study the animals he loves in their natural habitats.

Savannah Stevens, Manager

Savannah spent most of her childhood in her family's Orange Park, FL Pet Store. Having always been attracted to the unusual, she spent much of her time learning about the different reptiles she worked with. After joining the Wild Things Staff, Savannah has continued that learning and is currently focusing her higher studies on Crocodilian. Along with pursuing work with these "living dinosaurs", she also breeds several varieties of Bearded Dragons and shares her home with her husband and a pet Skunk.

Paula Crews, Owner

Growing up a Navy brat, Paula spent most of her young life traveling around the world.  Everywhere they were stationed brought it's own unique outdoor experience which was perfect for an avid hiker, camper, and animal lover.  In the late '90's, the opportunity arose to purchase an existing pet store.  It didn't take long for her to realize that the reptiles and arachnids were her passion. Pairing Paula's business experience with Matthew Crews' extensive reptile knowledge has brought Wild Things to the International reptile powerhouse it is today.

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